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April 2014

Dear Parents and Guardians:

We are quickly approaching the end of the third marking period. The vast majority of our students are driven to maintain appropriate attendance and pass their courses. Please encourage your child to work hard and study for the remainder of the year and take advantage of the following opportunities:
  • Our junior high students continue to improve their daily study habits. A reminder the junior high students' homework hotlines helps parents to monitor their children's homework assignments. Assignments are posted by 3:00pm every day so parents and students can access them by phone. The numbers are:
                  7th grade: 659-8967
                  8th grade: 659-8968

  • Parents can access their children's grades on the Parent Portal. The directions for how to sign up for this technology is posted on Kendall's website. Many parents monitor their children's progress on a daily basis.

  • The Academic Center originated as an academic support center for students who are failing subjects or just need extra help. The Academic Center is located in the library and is supervised by two certified teachers after school. This year Mrs. Rosales and Mr. Billotti are monitoring the Academic Study Hall and providing one-on-one help to students. Students are required to bring homework and other appropriate assignments to the center.

  • Students are always encouraged to stay after school with their teachers. The entire staff is committed to staying after school so they can provide help to students so they can meet NYS standards.
The majority of students in the junior/senior high school are committed to doing their best each and every day. Thank you for being our partners in the process of educating your children. Your support is always needed and appreciated. By working together, I'm confident all students will be successful.

Carol D'Agostino
Kendall Junior/Senior High School Principal

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