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May 2015

Dear Parents, Students, and Community Members,

Kendall is a Great Place to Grow! This was the slogan for Kendall's bicentennial celebration just a few years ago and it still holds true today. I am fortunate to be involved with many community activities due to my position in the high school and through my family. I am continuously impressed by how many community members volunteer their time to make a difference in children's lives. The entire community is so blessed to have so many groups of dedicated people that positively impact the community, especially the children who attend Kendall Schools.

This winter, I had two grandsons active in the youth wrestling program. I attended five weekend tournaments and several practices. There were at least six volunteers at each practice many of these dedicated men did not have a child wrestling. In addition, many of these coaches donated numerous weekends to attend the tournaments to coach and support Kendall's kids. They volunteered their time to share their love and knowledge of wrestling. The children learned how to win and lose gracefully.

The Kendall Fire Department again agreed to provide our juniors and seniors a real-life simulation of the dangers of driving recklessly. Many of these firemen (who are past students) used precious vacation time so that they could participate in the simulation and provide information to our students. They also provided other services to the community like the annual Easter Egg Hunt. The Lions Club and Fire Department teamed up to provide jelly beans and chocolate bunnies. It is very reassuring to know that the fire department is only a phone call away when there is an emergency.

The Lions Club is yet another group of dedicated individuals that work silently behind the scenes impacting families. The Lions host dinners every year to recognize our outstanding athletes and to provide support to Kendall families in need. Every year, they sponsor a senior breakfast for our students on the day of the prom. They support our Leo's Club and provide opportunities for students to serve the community, which teaches them the importance of making a difference in other people's lives.

The food cupboard is an essential part of the community so that families in need have a place to go for food and support. There have been numerous times during the year that I have been thankful I could refer families to the Kendall food cupboard, which is coordinated by Mr. and Mrs. Goodenbery.

The Kendall Garden Club will soon be placing gorgeous flowers in the planters placed around the community to enhance the landscape. Their dedication to making a difference in the community impacts us all on a daily basis as we drive through town.

The above mentioned groups are only a few examples that illustrate why I feel fortunate to live in Kendall and call all of you my friends. I didn't mention the group of families who perform random acts of kindness, all of the other youth coaches, the churches, etc. The high school's connection to these various community organizations helps us better serve our students' social, emotional and academic needs.

As many of you know, the high school is undergoing a major renovation. The learning spaces for kids will be second to none, and I am excited about sharing these new spaces next fall with students and staff. It is our intention to have a community celebration on Sept. 3 which is our annual Open House. Please mark your calendar to join us - even if you don't have any children in the high school. Our Sports Boosters and coaches plan to host their annual chicken barbeque on Sept. 3 and folks will have the opportunity to eat their dinners in the new cafeteria. Our band and chorus will perform. Students will be able to set up their new lockers and meet their teachers, while the rest of the community can walk the halls to see the renovated rooms and new technology. I sincerely hope the building is busting at the seams with community members. We want you all to come and celebrate the first phase of the capital project. I will publish more information about the celebration in next month's newsletter. Kendall is a Great Place to Grow!!

If you have any questions please contact me at 659-2706 or email me at cdagostino@kendallschools.org.

Carol D'Agostino
Kendall Junior/Senior High School Principal

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