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Winter Parent Meeting for JV and Varsity Athletes: Monday, November 30th at 5:30 p.m. in Auditorium. All parents are encouraged to attend and all athletes should be present. Coaches will discuss playing time, program-wide policies, practice schedules, etc.

KCS Sticker Shocked!
by Mrs. French, School Security

On Monday, November 9th, seven students accompanied me to Crosby's and helped participate in Project Sticker Shock. Project Sticker Shock is a community awareness campaign intended to address youth access to alcohol and community norms that support not providing alcohol to minors. The project unites youth, alcohol retailers, teachers, parents, law-enforcement and community members in striving for a common goal. Thanks to the cooperation of Crosby's, the seven KCS students placed stickers on multi-packs of alcohol and helped to bring attention to a very serious topic. Participating students included the following: Taylor ReQua, Dallas Johncox, Jessica Hofer, Jacob Adams, Ben Frasch, Nathan Warters, and Creagan MacLaren.

Attention all Juniors and Seniors;
Are you planning on attending college upon graduation than this evening is a must for you!! A financial aid representative from GCC will hold a financial aid presentation on December 1st at 6:00pm. All families that are planning on sending his/her child to college should plan on filling financial aid.

Did you have an older child already in college? - please be aware that there are significant changes in the world of financial aid. Please consider attending!!

**Please note that the school calendar says 6:30. Correct time is 6:00pm.

TOPS in Education Program
Enroll in TOPS in Education Program to Help Kendall Schools
Register your TOPS BonusPlus card online at www.topsmarkets.com/educationand select Kendall Elementary or Junior/Senior High Schools. For every purchase made on qualifying TOPS items when you use your registered BonusPlus card, TOPS will contribute up to five percent to Kendall schools. There is no cost to obtain a TOPS BonusPlus card. If you have registered previously with TOPS in Education, you must re-register each school year. Let's make the 2015-16 TOPS in Education Program the best one yet!

Attention Juniors:
The ACT and SAT test dates are posted on the counseling page. Please notice that the fall test dates have registration deadlines before school starts! Please see Mrs. Hammer or Mrs. Bauer with any questions.

  Testing Dates for Junior High Exams 2015-2016:
Math grades 7/8: April 13-April 15, 2016
ELA grades 7/8: April 5 –April 7, 2016
Science Written: June 6, 2016

Kendall Jr./Sr. High School AIS Plan; 2013-2016 (State Expectations)
This Academic Intervention Services (AIS) Compliance Plan has been written to address a New York state Education Department requirement. Section 100.2 of the Part 100 of the Commissioner's Regulations requires that each public school district provide academic intervention services to students who score below the State designated performance level on State assessments and, who are a risk of not achieving the state learning standards. These services are required only in areas where there are State assessments, i.e. English language arts and mathematics in grades K-12 and social studies and science in grades 4 – 12. Read the { Kendall Jr./Sr. High School Academic Intervention Services Plan}

7th Grade – 659-8967
8th Grade – 659-8968

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